Saturday, 8 March 2014

Alcohol Rehab Program Martin County: 12 Step Meetings and Education

Every recovery at our center is based around a total of 12 different steps.  Each step is crucial to the recovery.  We have experienced staff who help with support and guidance through every step of the process.  We are not only your therapists, counselors, and advisors, but are  your family as well.  The 12 steps consist of:

·         Admittance of a problem
·         Belief in recovery
·         Deciding on the change
·         Looked inside for the change
·         Admitting the past as wrong
·         Admitting we are ready to change
·         Start the healing process
·         Make a list of amends
·         Work on making the amends
·         Look into ourselves on what else we have done
·         Meditation and quiet time to ourselves
·         Focusing on the change and how we have progressed

The biggest step for most people is the first.  Many times people do not believe they have a problem.  Most of the time the person is told from an outside source that they have a problem.  We at Martin County cannot make a person admit it they have a problem, but we are here when the person is ready to change their life for the better.  The next three steps focus on the future.  We help you to see that more can be accomplished in recovery.  We also help you on these steps to look inside yourself for what needs to be changed and give you guidance to get there.

The next four steps are focused on the past.  Many times a person with an addiction will lash out at the people they love without even knowing it.  They say you always hurt those closest to you.  These steps will be taken with counseling to understand who those people in your past are that have been hurt and which people you should choose to stay away from.  There are those people to avoid because of their negative influence. The next three steps focus on making amends and changes.  It focuses on making amends with those needed from the past. 

At alcohol Rehab Program Martin County, our experts will help you with the course of action to take to accomplish this step and help build bridges with loved ones.  This is done on an individual basis and could also include family therapy as well.  These steps also take time for you to look in yourself to find the person you are without the influence you have become addicted to. The last step is focused on how your life has changed.  With help from the staff we will set you in the right direction to accomplishing a life without regret and addiction.  A healthy lifestyle is within grasp and we are here to help you get there.